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Beth Miller's Parent Coach Website

Beth Miller Parent Coach Website

Beth Miller Parent Coach Website

Beth Miller Parent Coach Website

Welcome to Beth Miller Parent Coaching

  • Do you feel like your kids don’t listen to you?
  • Are you constantly second-guessing yourself when it comes to parenting and discipline?
  • Have you read books about strong-willed children or sibling rivalry but think you need more personalized information?
  • Do you feel tired, frustrated or angry at the end of the day?
  • Are you longing for a better relationship with your children?

Getting support, information and ideas from Beth Miller, will reduce your frustration and address your concerns. Beth helps parents alleviate power struggles and improve their relationships with their children. She has provided guidance, education and support to hundreds of families for over 25 years. As a Certified Parent Coach® with a Masters of Education Degree in Counseling, Beth helps parents focus on the strengths within their family and develop practical strategies for their unique parenting challenges. The result is positive changes in the behaviors and attitudes of family members.

Working with Beth either individually or in a small group helps parents feel empowered and confident. You will have a child who listens more and tantrums less; you will be a parent who smiles more and nags less. You will experience more peace and less chaos in your household.

To learn more, view Beth's video from the Wilmette/Kenilworth edition of the Triblocal.

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What parents say about Beth

"I really found the workshop helpful in so many ways. The communication skills have helped not only with my two boys but with my husband. Realizing that we all are working on the same problems at home, makes one not feel so alone in parenting. Thank you again for the handouts, and all the useful information. Thank you so much for the class!"

~C.E., workshop participant and mother of two boys, Chicago, IL

"Beth was great and had lots of great suggestions!"

~R.L., workshop participant, mother of two daughters, Wilmette, IL

"I'm glad I was part of this workshop. It really helped to be in the group discussion to understand I am not the only one with challenges. Now I can be more focused on positive behaviors rather than negative behaviors."

~T.T., workshop participant, mother of two preschoolers, Wilmette, IL

"Really enjoyed the workshop-glad I was able to participate!"

~L. R., mother of three, Wilmette, IL

"Excellent. The best parenting advice that I have ever received."

~Workshop participant, mother of two preschoolers, Chicago, IL