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You may feel as though your kids don't listen to you. Perhaps you get caught in power struggles and end up yelling and threatening more than you would like. Maybe you feel stressed and overwhelmed with the demands of home and work. Or a strong-willed child tests your patience and confidence as a parent.

Getting support and guidance from Beth helps you successfully navigate parenting struggles.  She helps you gain renewed energy, enthusiasm and confidence in your role as a parent. 


Discover a new approach

Parent coaching is a partnership between coach and parent where family ideals and priorities are identified and realized. It is a collaborative process that helps you evaluate what is presently working within your family, identify what needs to be addressed, and implement an action plan to create positive change. The knowledge and insight you have regarding your family is paired with Beth’s professional experience to maximize your family’s strengths and successfully navigate parenting challenges.      

Beth engages clients with trust and respect as she shares strategies and concepts to help parents manage daily interactions and challenges. She listens intently, asks key questions, provides information, and offers specific suggestions to help you implement positive changes. She shares research and information to help you improve communication, alleviate power struggles, and enhance daily interactions. 


Create positive change

Parents learn to use effective language and positive parenting tools to address behavioral struggles and daily routines. You will learn about parenting styles and gain the skills to respond intentionally to situations rather than react emotionally. You will experience children who listen more and tantrum less; you will smile more and nag less.  

After working with Beth, parents find renewed energy and optimism for the job of parenting. You will understand your  feel empowered to implement and sustain meaningful change. You will enjoy deeper connections with your children. You will experience better balance in your life. Family life shifts from chaos to calm with fewer feelings of frustration and greater moments of joy. 



How does coaching differ from therapy?

Coaching differs from counseling and therapy in its concentration on the current situation. It is not designed to delve into the past or work through a crisis. Coaching helps parents realize that they truly are the experts in regards to their children.  

What types of issues are commonly addressed?

A variety of issues are addressed in private coaching and parenting classes. These include work-life balance, sibling rivalry, homework, household chores, mealtime, bedtime, tantrums, parenting styles, self-care, cooperation and listening, discipline and consequences, consistency between parents, and developing independence and self-worth.

Do both parents need to sign up?

It is not necessary for both parents to engage in coaching or take a parenting class together. Written material is included to help solidify concepts and clarify action steps, which is easily shared with the other parent or care givers.

What if I don't live in the Chicago area?

Beth meets with parents in person, on the phone, or via Skype and Facetime. Many of her clients live outside of the Chicago area.

Do you work with parents who are separated or divorced?

Parent coaching benefits parents who are moving through the stages of separation or divorce. Coaching helps improve communication and solve conflicts to reach desired outcomes. Effective change occurs whether one or both parents engage in the coaching process.

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