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Parenting Groups

Beth facilitates parenting groups for school, neighborhood and community organizations. A group is a fun and effective way to receive information, guidance and support for the job of parenting. Groups offer a structured and safe place to learn and to connect with other parents. 

A parenting group can be designed to meet specific needs, perhaps a particular age group or challenging issue. Whether you are already a member of a group or would like to create one, contact Beth to build a supportive parenting network!


Parenting Classes

Beth offers parenting classes at schools, libraries, community centers and houses of workshop. Classes are four or six weeks and provide an opportunity to learn and grow with other parents. The class structure provides enriching dialogue and group activities that help to reinforce concepts and techniques.

A class is an ideal way to gain guidance from Beth and also from the wisdom and stories shared in the class. Hearing about the joys and struggles of others helps you gain insight and ideas for your particular situation. Beth also shares best practices from current research and leading professionals.


Topics and Titles

  • The Art of Positive Parenting
  • Parenting Middle Schoolers
  • Family Mixology: Blending Parenting Styles with Children's Spirits
  • Managing Family Work  Balance
  • Positive Discipline: Tools for Your Parenting Toolbox
  • Eliminating Power Struggles and Encouraging Cooperation
  • The ABCs for Preschool Parents
  • Raising Girls Who Are Confident, Happy and Healthy
  • Chaos to Calm: Creating Connection and Cooperation

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