Beth Miller Parent Coach


Parent coaching helps you create the family life you desire

Discover discipline that is effective and respectful.

Create a family plan for screen time and devices.

Gain insight, energy, and confidence.


Private Coaching


Beth will help you clarify your needs, maximize your strengths, implement new strategies and successfully navigate parenting challenges. Parent coaching helps decrease power struggles and create more harmony in your family life.

Classes and Groups


Beth provides classes at corporations, schools, and community sites. Parents gain support, insight and information while connecting with others. Create a group with Beth to in your neighborhood or place or work or worship.

Workplace Offerings


Beth offers workshops and seminars to parents in the workplace. Working parents receive practical information and support to navigate challenges and improve daily life. Companies increase employee engagement and improve retention rates.



Beth speaks to businesses, schools, religious organizations and community groups on a variety of parenting topics. As a parent coach with years of experience, she brings insight and humor as she shares practical tips and tools with parents. 

About Parent Coaching

Is coaching for you?

Do you feel like your kids don’t listen to you?

Are  smartphones and screen time causing friction in your household?

Are you often second-guessing yourself when it comes to parenting? 

Would you like greater peace and better balance in life?

Work with Beth

Beth Miller is a certified parent coach who has provided guidance, education and support to hundreds of families for over 25 years. Beth helps you clarify needs, develop strategies and take action. You create greater calm and experience less chaos in your life.

Create positive change

After working with Beth, you will have a child who listens more and tantrums less; and you will be a parent who smiles more and nags less. You will engage in fewer power struggles and experience more joy. You will gain renewed energy and optimism for the job of parenting.

About Beth


Beth Miller, M.Ed.

Beth has a Masters degree in Counseling and is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®.  She has over 25 years of experience working with children and their parents as a parent educator, counselor and coach. She is passionate about helping parents create positive changes in their family life.

What parents say

Beth did a fantastic job helping us realize there is a way to raise our children that respects the child but also respects the parent. We had so many misconceptions about what discipline can mean and thought that it was either be a push-over or be controlling. Now we know there is another way.  

T.N., private parent coaching


What I appreciate most about Beth are the real-life tools/words she shares that make a conversation with my kids meaningful and respectful in an instant. I have a note on my desk with a summary of the things Beth taught me as a reminder to myself. Sometimes I think I should get it tattooed to my hand ;)  

Things really do run  more smoothly when I implement these tools!

J.W., class participant

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